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About Us

My earliest memories of this place are the images, colours and sounds that permeated so much of my early childhood. The violet coloured must from the wine press; the bright yellow corn drying on the threshing floor; and the blue pots filled with olive oil stored in the cellar. I also remember running endlessly through the rye fields to escape from the dog; having cold baths in the old village washing tank (made of granite); visiting Amarante's bustling market; eating local sweets; diving in the River Tâmega and spending long summer nights serenaded by the sounds of crickets chirping.
Then there were the grown-ups. Senhor António looking after the oxen; Rosinha tending to the chickens, pigs and rabbits; and, of course, the ever-present and nurturing company of my grandmother. No recollection of those days would ever be complete without the memory of my grandmother’s sweet and tender smile, sitting at the end of the dining table. And there was her capacity to entertain as well. With all the patience and love in the world, nan would make all sorts of fun stuff for me to play with, often out of the simplest things. Whether crafting toy boats and cars from watermelon rinds; or turning gourds into dolls; nan’s imagination seemed to have no bounds.
This was how it all began. My grandfather, José Cardoso, came from the nearby borough of Salvador do Monte, while my grandmother, Leonor Cardoso, was from Lomba, in Amarante. They were the ones brought me here, and it was thanks to them that I spent so much of my childhood in these wonderful surroundings.
Many years later, I returned with my family, to start up Naturpassion, our very own farming project. We arrived in 2008 and began by planting raspberries, followed by blackberries and then blueberries. Ours is a small family business and the way we work is at one with the environment, in a spirit of constant fascination with nature’s delicate balance.
My degree in agronomy and the experience gained during 10 years working in the agricultural sector have all been instrumental in allowing us, and our workforce, to deliver the high-quality fresh produce that we are able to bring to our customers today.

This place has been so good to us! We would now like you to partake in some of the many delights that Amarante has to offer, too.

me and my grandmother
me and my grandfather
me and my love of animals
me and Rosinha

Our Produce

Naturpassion’s fresh products are all grown here, in fields of granite origin from Amarante Council, 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level, with breathtaking views of the Aboboreira and Marão mountains.


The accommodation at Quinta do Santinho – a name that translates into The Saint’s Farm and is still what this place is known as today – is the result of specialist maintenance work which has rehabilitated the historic onsite buildings. We have purposely maintained its existing simplicity (both in regards to the layout and the décor, as well as the traditional building materials) in order to provide our guests with a warm and welcoming family feel; one which is authentic to this place’s rural traditions.


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At Naturpassion we promote activities, mostly connected with nature, agriculture and the environment; and tailored to a young adult audience.