Our Produce


Naturpassion’s fresh products — raspberries, blackberries and blueberries — are all grown here, in fields of granite origin from Amarante Council, 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level, with breathtaking views of the Aboboreira and Marão mountains.

Our warm summers and cold winters facilitate the production of beautifully scented, sugary fruits.

Many of the essentials required for the delivery of high-quality fruits are therefore perfectly assembled. All that’s left then is to add knowledge and experience so that this amazing agricultural ecosystem can be managed to its fullest extent. Day to day, we tend to multiple things such as soil conservation, water management, wildlife protection and the welfare of those who work with us. In fact, Naturpassion has been awarded several certifications in recognition of our commitment to these different causes. These include, our Global G.A.P; Integrated Production; and GRASP awards. Yet what matters most to us is your appreciation of the quality of our produce.

Other Produce

The different jams we produce allow the seasonal fruits that we grow here to be flavoured all year long; as does our delicious raspberry liqueur and the honey made from the hives in our fields. By making jam with a 70% high-quality fruit intake, adding only the necessary amount of sugar for their preservation, we’re able to ensure that the same principles of nutritional and sensory balance which lay at the heart of our fruit production techniques pass down to the jam manufacturing process also. Last but not least, the addition of aromatic herbs and a touch of Port Wine give our jams their unique flavour.

Our multifloral honey provides us with a wide variety of aromas and tastes, often varying from year to year - since bees don’t always pollinate the same flowers the same number of times. In the past, we have had honey with hints of eucalyptus, chestnut and rubus too, of course – due to the bees’ trips down to the raspberry and blackberry fields. To cap it all off, there is our raspberry liqueur! Patiently prepared, in good time, the intense tastes and smells of the raspberries transform themselves into a fine grape marc spirit, which is an absolute must.

Do come and see for yourselves!